Abstract Class

August 2, 2007 at 9:29 am (Abstract Class)

     Abstract Class

  •  An abstract class is a class that contains one or more abstract methods
  •  Abstract Class may contain constructor but interface does not contain constructor.
  •  In Interface all methods should be public but not in abstract class
  •  Abstract class we can put sharable code

  • Its not Possible to create instance of Abstract class

  • it cannot be instantiated on it’s own, it must be inherited.

  • Abstract Class can used One Overriding method

  • abstract classes can specify members that must be implemented in inheriting classes

  • a class can inherit only one abstract class

  • How we have to create Abstract Class

    • abstract class must use the MustInherit keyword.

    • An abstract class like all other classes can implement any number of members

    • To declare an abstract member we use the MustOverride keyword



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